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Mondulkiri’s original eco-tourism getaway est. 2007.

Nature Lodge is a family friendly resort featuring budget bungalow accommodation submerged in natural landscape. The hotel is also a social enterprise that provides vocational training & fair employment opportunities to locals in need from various backgrounds.
This site contains useful travel information & details about Mondulkiri province as well as information on local activities, trekking tours & elephant sanctuary visits from community based conservation projects in the area. We invite all nature & conservation fans to explore the Beauty of Mondulkiri’s highland area while enjoying a unique stay at an Eco-friendly, bungalow resort.
Feel free to explore ahead of your visiting Mondulkiri. If you have additional questions about Tourism & travel in Mondulkiri, contact us & we’d gladly assist you.

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Natural attractions and Eco-Tourism Projects in Sen Monorom:

Elephant Sanctuary:

Mondulkiri’s forests are the native habitat of Asian elephants. Visitors can support domestic elephant rehabilitation programs in Mondulkiri by visiting a local elephant sanctuary for an unforgettable & ethical elephant experience.
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trekking & Hiking:

Experience Mondulkiri’s unique wild habitats and explore secret off road attractions by joining a community based hiking tour, that helps preserve the area’s remaining forests and save local wildlife.

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There are dozens of waterfalls throughout Mondulkiri’s highlands. The magnificent Bu Sra Falls are popular with local tourists, but the untouched off road falls are the true hidden gems in the rainforest.

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hill tribes:

The Bunong Hilltribe People Of Mondulkiri Cambodia. The Bunong People, Mondulkiri’s predominant hill tribe, have been living in the forests of Mondulkiri since ancient the times of ancient Angkor. It is possible to visit their communities & learn about their unique & ancient culture.

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Scenic lookouts:

Hill top panoramas in Mondulkiri Mondulkiri may not have ancient ruins, but when it comes to natural beauty, views and cool climate -This province is Cambodia's best ! With endless panoramas of forests, countryside and rolling grassy hills.

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birds & wildlife:

Trekking in Mondulkiri’s provides a potential for wildlife encounters. Even the natural grounds of Nature Lodge are home to an impressive variety of interesting native birds & animals, so alwats keep an eye out .

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